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Kahangi Estate Sustainable Agriculture Training Centre

Trainees Practicing Pruning at Kahangi

provides services for training smallholder farmers in sustainable farming techniques. Since 2004 Kahangi Estate has conducted trainings for over 800 students, from Uganda, Rwanda, Congo (DRC) and Tanzania. The trainings typically target the field staff of organic export projects operating in the region and increasingly groups looking for more sustainable systems of agriculture which are less vulnerable to climate change and fluctuations.

Kahangi Estate, a model of sustainable agriculture theory in practice, is a perfect location for students. The farm also pioneers alternative systems of land management, which are able to improve incomes, while at the same time reducing vulnerability to climate change and reliance on external inputs.

The trainings normally cover a full week and a combination of theoretical and practical training is applied. The workshops are conducted for groups of up to 12 students and typically cover:

  • Soil erosion control systems and practical application

    Practical Training in Sustainable Agriculture at Kahangi Estate

    Students examine the soil profile.

  • Soil profiles and the function of the top soil
  • Roles of the different micro-organisms in the soil
  • Soil water management
  • Different systems to reduce evaporation and evapotranspiration rates
  • Intercropping with trees, the role of trees in the farming system and the benefits
  • Minimum cultivation techniques
  • Crop stacking/intensive intercropping
  • Changing the local micro climate, practical examples supported by data
  • Cover crops, theory and practical application
  • Soil covers and management of couch grass
  • Organic vegetable production
  • Climate Change, local and international
  • Systems to minimize the impact of climate change
  • Organic cattle management
  • Extension Techniques
Participants in Sustainable Training at Kahangi Estate

Sustainable agriculture training is both practical & theoretical

The different training modules cover theoretical knowledge supported by the many practical examples at Kahangi Estate. Scientific and pictorial data has been collected over the course of the sustainable agriculture development at the farm, showing the impacts of tree planting for shade and windbreaks, soil covers, etc., on micro climate, crop yields, soil structure and erosion. The trainings are conducted in either English or Swahili.

The trainings are led by the Director of Kahangi Estate, Mr Alan Tulip, supported by the farm management team. The organization has been involved, and is involved with the following farmer groups on sustainable agriculture/climate change adaptation:

Organization Location Area of Work
Bio United Ltd Sierra Leone Sustainable Agriculture
Bukonzo Joint Cooperative Western Uganda Climate Change Adapatation
Kuapa Kokoo Ghana Climate Change Adaption/Sustainable Agriculture
Mzuzu Cooperative Union Malawi  Sustainable Agriculture
KOPAKAMA Rwanda  Sustainable Agriculture
Muungano Cooperative Union Eastern Congo Sustainable Agriculture/Climate Change Adaption
SNV/FLO Cert Rwanda  Sustainable Agriculture /Climate Change Adaptation
Gumutindo Coffee Enterprises Ltd Eastern Uganda  Sustainable Agriculture
Bukonzo Organic Cooperative Union Western Uganda  Sustainable Agriculture/Climate Change Adaptation
SOPACDI Eastern Congo Sustainable Agriculture
Rwenzori Farmers Cooperative Uniton Western Uganda  Sustainable Agriculture

For More Information on Sustainable Agricultural Training contact:
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