Natural Soaps

Natural Soaps
Papaya, Avocado
Moringa, Cocoa Butter and Coffee Oil

Kahangi Estate Natural Papaya, Moringa and Avocado Soaps

Kahangi Estate Natural Papaya, Moringa and Avocado Soaps

The soaps, packaged in simple card packets or Bark Cloth pouches, are ideal gifts for friends and family. The bark cloth is made from the bark of the Ficus tree, once a standard material for clothing. The bark is harvested without damage to the tree and then beaten out using traditional methods into cloth. The material is then sewn into pouches by a womens cooperative in Masaka for the Kahangi Estate.

The virgin papaya oil blended with cocoa butter, gives it both deep cleansing and conditioning properties. The powerful natural antibiotic in the oil makes the soap very effective on skins prone to pimples and other skin disorders like rashes, ringworms, eczema and minor fungal infections. The penetrating action of the oil is assisted by the sesame particles in the soap which stimulate the pores to allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the skin.  The soap is scented with citronella oil.
The soap is ideal for dry or mature skins

Avocado Oil has long been known for its nourishing effect on skin. The oil has high vitamin A, B, D and E levels which help to feed the skin and promote a healthy appearance. Avocado Oil is renowned for its healing and anti-bacterial properties and is used for treating lacerations, dermatitis, acne and similar conditions. The soap is blended with Eucalyptus Oil to give an invigorating scent. The soap is excellent for dry skins and for people with skin disorders.

Kahangi Estate Natural Soaps Packaged in Card or Bark Cloth

Kahangi Soaps Gift Wrapped
Card or Natural Bark Pouches

Based on pure Moringa Oil this is a good conditioning soap. Moringa Oil is known as the “purifying” oil, the oil has good natural antibacterial and high antioxidant properties. This helps to cleanse your skin while at the same time providing day long protection for your skin, giving it a silky smooth texture. The addition of Sesame particles, gives the soap a light scrubbing effect on your skin, which helps to stimulate the skin and remove dead scales. The soap is scented with Lemon Grass. The soap is ideal for normal to oily skins

Cocoa butter is a natural moisturiser and skin conditioner, with good anti wrinkle and stretchmark qualities. It is blended with sesame oil, used as a massage oil since ancient times, that aids the penetration of the cocoa butter for skin flexibility, and maintaining skin colouration and tone. The soap has a natural cocoa aroma. The soap is ideal for ageing skins and for the removal of stretch marks after pregnancy.

The coffee oil in the soap contains acids which reduce the effects associated with excessive sunlight exposure and decreases skin roughness. The coffee oil is blended with sunflower oil which is rich in Vitamin E which helps to improve both the appearance and health of the skin.  This provides a soap which is invigorating for the skin and the caffeine in the coffee oil stimulates new skin growth. The soap is ideal for skin regularly exposed to sunlight and to stimulate skin renewal.

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