Reducing Environmental Impact of Climate Change

Kahangi Estate is well aware of the challenges that Climate Change presents for the future. The Estate maintains its own advanced electronic weather station and has been active in tracing historical weather records for the area. This has allowed the Estate to design a farm system which will reduce the impact of climate fluctuations.

Data on Evapotranspiration collected on Kahangi Estate showing environmental impact of sustainable agriculture practices

The monitoring systems allow the Estate to not only record weather data but actively measure the impacts of environmental changes made on the farm to reduce the impacts of climate fluctuation. In one example, as the graph shows, we have reduced the yearly average wind speed at the farm from 4kph to 1.9kph in 8 years. This has resulted in a reduction in evapotranspiration of 180mm which calculates to a saving of 125 million litres of water  losses over the Estate. The Estate collaborates with other partners, in using its experiences to assist in the training of smallholder farmers to also minimise the impact of climate fluctuation.

Changing the Environment                  

The Changing View from Kahangi Estate 2001 to 2014
The Estate demonstrates that it is possible to reverse environmental degradation and that this is possible to achieve it in a relatively short period of time. The Estate maintains a pictorial history of the developments at the farm to encourage the concept with trainees and visitors that it is possible to make large improvements in the environment.